About Us

Cambio Labs is a nonprofit organization that provides educational technology and curricular programs that transform community members into founders of organizations driven by social and environmental missions. We serve low income BIPOC youth and adults through a variety of cross-sectoral partnerships with schools, nonprofits, and green workforce development organizations.

We deliver our programs through Journey, our gamified learning platform that features multimedia lessons, prompts, prizes, and team-based challenges to help participants launch their ventures. The Journey platform also provides access to mentorship and job opportunities, and other entrepreneurial resources. 

Employablility Skills We Teach

Ongoing programs and initiatives include the Social Entrepreneurship Program – an incubator program for youth-led social startups, Startup NYCHA – a free business incubator for residents of public housing, and the Green Workforce Accelerator – a workforce development program designed to upskill the next generation of green collar workers and environmental entrepreneurs.


Cambio Labs was established in 2021 by Sebastián Martín, a social entrepreneur and educator, in response to educational and employment inequities faced by low-income BIPOC youth in New York City.  Recognizing the urgent need for financial, digital,  and self-advocacy training among the city’s most creative yet underserved youth, Sebastián and two high school coders launched the first version of the Journey Platform, introducing essential social entrepreneurship training on a gamified online learning platform they designed. The platform has been piloted across 22 cohorts, is a critical part of the delivery of Cambio Lab’s entrepreneurial and  green workforce development programs. With its first expansion into the NY Public Schools in 2024, Cambio Labs has launched programs in the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. Over 380 community members have expanded vital skills in social and environmental innovation, digital, and financial literacy.


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