Student athletes win landmark NYC fairplay lawsuit

2022-05-02T18:33:06+00:00April 26th, 2022|

Sport & Dev

"'More than three years ago, I joined the Fair Play coalition with a sea of joyful Black and Brown youth from the South Bronx to rally on the issue of sports equity,” said Obrian Rosario, organizer of the Fair Play Coalition and Executive Director of Outreach at the Peer Defense Project."

New Law Center to Fight Illegal Family Separation by NYC Child Welfare Agencies

2022-04-11T19:11:01+00:00March 29th, 2022|

The 74

"David Shalleck-Klein believes child welfare agencies routinely violate the Constitution by carrying out unlawful searches and family separations — with disastrous consequences for the low-income Black and Hispanic families they disproportionately investigate... The attorney last week launched what he says is the nation’s first civil rights organization dedicated to fighting back against such violations: the Family Justice Law Center [which is part of the Urban Justice Center's SJA].”

On the Criminal Injustice System and the Remedy Project.

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David Simpson is a former Columbia Justice-in-Education Scholar who spent ten years in federal prison. He has garnered hard-won expertise on the injustices of the “justice” system and has dedicated his post-carceral life to making conditions more humane for those still on the inside...In January 2020, he and Anna Sugrue, BC ’20, launched the Remedy Project.