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Bengali Mental Health Movement (BMHM) is a community-inspired initiative born out of a desire to (1) destigmatize mental health by building and maintaining safe platforms to share narratives; (2) bridge the gap between Bengali communities and mental health services in New York City and beyond; and (3) increase accessibility of culturally and linguistically specific mental health resources. We acknowledge the limited research on Bangladeshi/Bengali mental health due to the population being amalgamated with the broader South Asian demographic, which misrepresents the unique stressors faced by the diasporic Bengali community.

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The Bengali Mental Health Movement (BMHM) is a community-driven initiative dedicated to destigmatizing mental health and enhancing accessibility to culturally sensitive resources within the Bengali community. Our mission is to bridge the gap between Bengali communities and mental health services in New York City and beyond. By providing safe platforms for narrative sharing, BMHM aims to empower individuals to engage with mental health topics openly and seek support without fear of stigma. We recognize the unique challenges faced by the diasporic Bengali community and are committed to fostering a culturally affirming environment where individuals can access the resources they need to thrive. Through advocacy, education, and community engagement, BMHM endeavors to create a more inclusive and supportive mental health landscape for Bengali individuals and families.

After identifying the dearth of culturally-tailored resources and the prevailing stigma hindering access to support, we recognized the adverse impact these challenges have had on the Bengali community in New York City. Moreover, existing research on Bangladeshi/Bengali mental health and overall well-being is limited, largely due to the community being subsumed within the broader South Asian demographic. This oversight has led to a misrepresentation of the distinct stressors and experiences encountered by the diasporic Bengali population.

BMHM firmly believes in the transformative power of knowledge and accessible mental health resources to empower community members, enabling them to navigate essential services such as housing, immigration, and public benefits without fear of stigma. In line with this vision, BMHM actively promotes open dialogue and shares diverse narratives to create a more honest, open, and supportive environment surrounding mental health within the community. Through our multifaceted approach, including the cultivation of a network of culturally sensitive mental health professionals, we aim to address the diverse needs of the Bengali community.


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