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Michelle Maluwetig

Michelle Maluwetig is a mission-driven leader with a passion for community engagement, strategic business development, and community building and empowerment. With extensive professional experience spanning from Washington, DC, to Shanghai, China, she has demonstrated her expertise in providing technical assistance to startups and small business owners, designing engaging and informational curriculums, and advocating for low and medium-income entrepreneurs. Her career includes supervising and developing young professionals in the financial and diplomatic sector, successfully negotiating in multilateral forums, and optimizing resources in strategic partnerships. As director of organizational development at Cambio Labs, she continues to harness her skills to build, maintain, and implement strategic partnerships and contracts to ensure growth and sustainability. 

Director of Operations & Strategic Partnerships, 2022 to present; MBus International Business and Social Entrepreneurship, 2010; University of Queensland, BA International Relations and International Development Studies; McGill University, 2006.


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