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In just our first two years, we have brought crucial lawsuits transforming the landscape for New York students, including:

  • In March of 2021, as false accusations about “critical race theory” took over conservative media, we brought a historic lawsuit against New York State and City defendants, challenging racial hierarchies in public education and asserting the rights of students (under the New York State Constitution) to an education that identifies and dismantles racism. Read more.
  • In November of 2021, we won a settlement on behalf of New York City Black and Latino students who had been systematically denied access to the same athletic opportunities as students of other races, leading to a reorganization of critical resources and a commitment by the City to create 200 new sports teams by spring 2024. Read more.


Via our Instagram, we have created and shared multilingual memes, infographics, and easily digestible info-bursts that inform students about their rights, such as:

#AthleteActivists Lisa Parks & Matt Diaz en espanol Felicidades #AthleteActivists Lisa Parks & Matt Diaz!

#AthleteActivists Lisa Parks & Matt Diaz in English Congratulations #AthleteActivists Lisa Parks & Matt Diaz


We help law students to answer a critical question: How can the tools of movement lawyering and impact litigation be merged to address racial injustice? Watch our recent conversation on movement lawyering and racial justice at Stanford Law School.


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